Wind Off the Sharp Flats

Sergins Death-Falia

I… know not what to say. It is as though I’ve not seen death before, but even one so young as I have not escaped its touch. I’ve chosen this life, have I not? And I knew all I would suffer with it when I made my choice. I’ve seen death before, with my own eyes, and never thought twice of it. So why, now, when this man I knew for so brief a time passed away, no different then the others, am I shaken? I lost my head and ran, I’ve never left any behind before, till now.
Perhaps it’s this land… nothings as it was back home. Truly, there is much I still have left to learn, and young I am indeed. Yet not so young as to loose sight of the task and role at hand. As… yes, as sad as this moment is, I have no intention of letting Sergin die in vain and leaving this task unfinished. Yes, I do feel sorrow for his passing, but I shall not shed a tear. He was a good man, perhaps somewhat confusing, but he had noble and honorable intentions. I may know little of his beliefs, but I hope the god he served so faithfully will find him worthy to rest in peace.
I also look on young Errols departure with less than joy. He was a tad foolsih, perhaps, but always merry, and served his master well. I hope he can keep the freedom Sergin gave him, and spends it well.
Now my mind is clearing again, and all goodbyes are said. It seems this journey may be more difficult then I imagined. The task, though it has changed so much since we began the journey, still lies before us, and only three are left. I cannot pretend I am as strong as he that is no longer with us, but I hope what strength I have is strong enough and does not fail those who still remain.



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