Wind Off the Sharp Flats

Welcome Young Adventurers!

this is our adventure log

Sawrenacio Neltaress Speaking here…I seem to remember that last time we dared venture, we found ourselves in the company of the Smaller Beings known as the K’zyn. As our caravan stopped, we decided to rest before venturing into the cave. Once we climbed the high steps leading to the entrance, I believe there were a number of Nobyshen warriors in the opening of the cave. Thankfully, they were easily dispatched of. Afterwards, Sergin ran headlong into the giant stone door that clearly opened inward, but to no avail. But, seeing as the door was not locked nor bolted, I simply opened it allowing us to walk through with no more than someone’s nose bleeding. We then proceeded to charge down a hallway past a sleeping dragon…which miraculously did not awake…Sergin then decided to sneak away from the beast but probably was even louder than when running.
The next room we entered had a floor that levitated and changed. However, due to my levitation spell, Sergin was successfully able to get to the other side to land on a magic circle in which a bull said to him, “Oh me, oh my, I thought I would die, if i could remember which one is right.” Right before this, he floated to a platform in the eastern corner of the room to pick up a magical box. Now we are within this room, seeming to be stuck. But thankfully with a new wand, I was able to find a secret door, which Sergin is now standing next to…Now, onward to Glory. I nominate Sergin to pick up the log…



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