Sawrenacio Neltaress

An incredibly intelligent, yet often misunderstood Akandez Wizard.


Sawrenacio has been an adventurer for a short time, yet it is the only place he truly belongs. As an Akandez, he has faced racial prejudice all of his life, which has made him an uncharismatic individual. His first adventuring experience stemmed from him offering to serve the army against the D’Zak. He was instead asked to seek a gem accompanied by a palidan, a sorceror, and a dwarven cleric. They have now gone their seperate ways and Sawrenacio seeks out his next calling…in the Sharp Flats and the Daggerous Plains.

Sawrenacio has held a difficult past. As a young Akandez, his people were driven from their home by a group of dwarves and men. After refusing to leave several times, the Akandez were abused and several houses were burned down by the more radical dwarves. At the age of 14, Sawrenacio was on the road, looking back at all he knew. From that moment, his heart was hardened towards the world. He still feels the pain from the hatred given to him and his people. This however, was only a small bit of the hardship Sawrenacio was to face. His mother had died when he had lived only 6 years at the hands of several D’Zak, and though it troubled him, he was not incredibly influenced by it. However, when he became 15, his father was also killed; this time by several human men who believed that Onwhenti (his father) was influencing the council too much (Onwhenti was a diplomat between races at the time). Sawrenacio was present at the time of the murder (they were trying to scare him). His father’s words were, “Many try to solve their problems with violence, as the orcs and humans do. Violence is effective but it lowers one’s soul. Though both races may think lowly of us, we can rise above them. Do not strike out in revenge…clear our good name. If a man kills for revenge, and then he is killed, it begins an endless cycle of death…this…is not logical…do not give way…respect the humans and dwarves…perhaps they will eventually respect us in return…do not…give…way.”

Sawrenacio Neltaress

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