Wind Off the Sharp Flats

On the subject of our latest travels-Sawrenacio Neltaress

The days grow warmer on the desert sands and so too do they grow on the field of battle. Our travels as of yet become more and more fraught with peril and insincerity. No longer do we have a heart for our mission and i tell you, an army outnumbered 10 to 1 could still win if it has the heart and drive to succeed. With the princeling or whatever he was gone, we no longer have true connection with the quest. Not to mention the fact that we are not in for a welcome back at the city of high tower any time soon. Humans are a fascinating race, and I truly do admire them and look up to some of their accomplishments, but I have noticed that they are in general aggressive and quick to judge. If we come back all perfectly well and Sergin is dead I am unsure that we will be welcomed back with open arms. We do, however, face a conundrum. If we were to cease our quest, the goblins may very well convert the land into desert, causing the deaths of many. I believe that we must find and destroy every trace of the next shesh noshyn piece we find. After this, I do not believe we can follow this task with our whole hearts and therefor must resign from this quest. Our two most logical objectives at the moment: Destroy the wizard, and destroy the next piece of the shesh noshyn. Then we will be faced with a dilemma but until then we must keep our minds clear and focused on the task at hand, oh, and we need to find an additional companion.


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