Wind Off the Sharp Flats


Tis the destiny of some to be royal or nobility and to sit upon their thrones adored…but this is not my destiny…Tis the destiny of others to serve nobly in the hopes of protecting their kingdom and their loved ones by joining the military forces…but this is not my destiny. Still yet, tis the destiny of some to be heroes, cherished by the land and devoted to seeking out evil and destroying it, seeming to come out of any battle still alive…yet…this is not my destiny. No, my destiny takes a much harder route. It is my adventuring party’s destiny to be those who do what they believe is right…for the good of all. Sometimes, this requires going against established ideas, and sometimes, it coexists. We do not work to be cherished by the people. In fact, as I write this memoir, the council is no doubt finding out our works and beginning to hunt us…no longer are we regarded as a band of valor, but rather as one of corruption and as the causers of chaos. We have destroyed the Shesh Noshyn…the council’s only hope of gaining the power to stop the Nebyshin plan. However, by destroying these things, we have prevented the goblinoid threat from ever arising. History may record us as villains or more favorably as vigilantes…but never as heroes. Ours is not the glorious and noble life. Ours is the life of doing what is right even when no one else can see how it is right…perhaps, one will come upon this parchment I now bury within a scroll case within the daggerous plains. Perhaps you will think more fondly on us if you have seen the truth of our actions. But now, the sun rises in the east and a sharp, warm wind blows upon us, sending sand into our faces. We must wander on, never to reveal our success, never to take credit for it…but to take the blame. There are more wrongs that must be righted, more thankless and terrible jobs to be done, and our band of vigilantes is is called once again. We hear of a great terror in the north, closer to the mountains. We shall be anonymous there, and through our anonymity, we shall do good. Now our band must set off. Falia, an elf with unmatched finesse in the wielding of two blades, calls to her primate companion lamar, to rise from sleep. Aramil, the cunning and charismatic rogue yawns sleepily and tightens the strings of his lyre. My good friend Ebon Sergin, a lord of Etidel who has come through the shade of death to fight on, is already awake and practicing with his oversized blade. Lucian, a master of the arts of the divine and the art of insults, is meditating now for the new day. Our companion, Xill is elsewhere, no doubt sitting atop a dune and listening to the wind pass over his savage features. And I Sawrenacio Neltaress now stand and gather my staff. My destiny is not a pleasurable one, for there is no thanks, nor often reward, save the knowledge that I fight for the good of a hurting world. I bid you good day to whoever may read this.

You, finder, have now read the account from the hand of the one who decided to destroy the Shesh Noshyn…fight with me to save our world…
Sawrenacio, Slayer of Dragons

And After Death ~Falia

And after death, life goes on… a lesson I had forgotten, but which I learn again. The day of Sergin’s death seems so far off now, with all that’s happened, but hardly two days have passed, and with the loss of two companions, we gain another three. Two very wearisome healers have joined us, the first of whom I trust little. Odd, that the two most close to my race, the elf Aramil and the half-elf Lucien, while they have proved their worth in battle, are the two whose mischievous ways make me wary of them. The second, Valinore, one of Sergin’s race and faith, means no harm, but to such an extent that he often proves more hinder then help. Both accompanied us on our quest and we returned to the canyon where we found ourselves entering the wizards abode. After a very close call with a large alligator, where Valinore proved his worth indeed, even at the cost of his staff, we continued around a series of rooms arranged in a circle. It was there we met Xill, a creature who at first glance resembles Sawrenacio but at any glance longer than that is quite a different being altogether. His impatience, hatred for the K’zn, and love for battle has gotten us into trouble several times. Yet, he has the strength and stamina to back up his impulsive ways, and I admit I don’t dislike the swifter pace at which we travel. He claims to have been captured and to have escaped from the wizard, and indeed we have found evidence that the wizard has experimented on sentient beings. Past two metal suits, which fought us until the wizard’s K’zn helpers came, claiming it to all be a mistake, we waited in the middle of the Wizard’s home for him to come to us. He did not come, and we followed as Xill explored the area around us. It was there we found rooms with evidence of the wizard’s experimentation, a walled in creature, a hallway of traps, and more K’zn. The last group came upon us, and Xill charged without warning, wounding one without need. He did not resist, however, when I pulled him away, I could not have succeeded if he had, and Valinore came away from his whimpering and moaning to heal the wound. Even so, they were not pleased, with some right for the meddling we had done, and left to fetch the wizard, but what was the use of waiting this time? To attempt to face this Wizard and to risk all our lives for the life of one? If the value, the worth, outweighed the risk, of course, but I saw no need to face him at this moment, unprepared, weary, and with those unwilling, when we could accomplish more if we returned later. Yet if the others had chosen to stay, I would not have left, but surprisingly, Xill did not argue. Now, back at Scorpio, again we have lost a member, for Valinore has gone his way of peace, and we must find another if we have any hope of fighting the wizard.
I am uncertain of the future. Of what it may hold, of how long it shall continue for me. I do not mind. Death, of course, holds fear over me, but it is a fear I have faced many times, and it is this fear which has saved my life many a time. Yet, I find I’m beginning to loose my certainty of what it is I fight, and may die, for. Yet again, if I fight for nothing more then to protect those around me, and to save some from the ways of the wizard, then it is enough.

Found carved into a palm tree at Elmukh'ud Khodima Oasis

In Memory of
Ebon Sergin of the Hawk
Son of Ugorth the Hawk
Dragon Fighter
May his Spirit be with the Star Being
Aseluath viaonna avelfera azacal baelan

Sergins Death-Falia

I… know not what to say. It is as though I’ve not seen death before, but even one so young as I have not escaped its touch. I’ve chosen this life, have I not? And I knew all I would suffer with it when I made my choice. I’ve seen death before, with my own eyes, and never thought twice of it. So why, now, when this man I knew for so brief a time passed away, no different then the others, am I shaken? I lost my head and ran, I’ve never left any behind before, till now.
Perhaps it’s this land… nothings as it was back home. Truly, there is much I still have left to learn, and young I am indeed. Yet not so young as to loose sight of the task and role at hand. As… yes, as sad as this moment is, I have no intention of letting Sergin die in vain and leaving this task unfinished. Yes, I do feel sorrow for his passing, but I shall not shed a tear. He was a good man, perhaps somewhat confusing, but he had noble and honorable intentions. I may know little of his beliefs, but I hope the god he served so faithfully will find him worthy to rest in peace.
I also look on young Errols departure with less than joy. He was a tad foolsih, perhaps, but always merry, and served his master well. I hope he can keep the freedom Sergin gave him, and spends it well.
Now my mind is clearing again, and all goodbyes are said. It seems this journey may be more difficult then I imagined. The task, though it has changed so much since we began the journey, still lies before us, and only three are left. I cannot pretend I am as strong as he that is no longer with us, but I hope what strength I have is strong enough and does not fail those who still remain.

Reflection on the death of a companion- Sawrenacio

Time passes. Mountains crumble, rivers dry up and even the fair folk reach the ends of their lives. And yet time continues to pass…kingdoms rise and fall…races are formed and die off…all in the relative blink of an eye…essentially…life has no meaning. And yet…it does, or is that simply an illusion that we are all under? However, one cannot deny that all is temporary save magic and time itself…and therefor bonds with others are meaningless.
I am writing of course concerning the death of a valiant warrior. Sergin. Regrettably, he was under terrible influence and ideas for most of his young life, but it was clear that he changed…he showed an ability to change the course of events, but he has died…ah well. There will always be others…and maybe his kingdom will come to be peaceful, and maybe not…but I have lost hope for them. For it would not be logical to hold ties to a culture that is centered around conflict with itself…
Death is not the end. Unless you have lived a full life…than you cannot return, but as long as the forces of arcana and divinae survive, death is not permanent. But…death is not so hard…ha…tis living that is difficult. We come on and off the stage of life as quickly as performers in a tavern. I am “lucky” to receive an encore…and he may…
But concerning sadness for a companions death? Why should one mourn? Only those who do not recognize the logic of life would waste tears on death. It is simply another path…another adventure to take. And emotions wasted over his death would merely impede further travel and strength…the emotion that I do convey to Sergin is gratitude, for he did save our lives. But how can I grieve? There was no bond broken.
Bonds are another thing that should not appear in life…for how can my bond with Sergin break if it never existed. Just as it is illogical for one to fall in love, it is illogical to form true friendships…save with the forces of arcana and divinae. 
In short, it is truly too bad that we do not have Sergins aid and I am sorry for those who are in mourning for his death. He may return, he may not…but he was truly a valuable compatriot. I will try to bring him to life if it is within his wishes. But, I do not find it logical to grieve something as normal as death. 
My wishes are that Sergin has found his truth in his “Star-bring”, and Is content. Rest in peace Sergin, the true king of Itidel…

Sergin's Final Journal Log

My hearts races and my soul weeps for release. My solomn vow says to defend all who need it through all that may pass, but I am finding this hard with such evil waiting to strike. To fight a dragon is not an impossible task, but it is one that if the battle is won, is worthy of song and dance. I fear for my life, though I know that my friends need me. The friendships I have made on this journey shall be with me always. The bonds that are between us can not be broken by sword, magic, or death itself. I will fight and defend my friends even if it means death. As I wander around the camp here I hear the music that these people sing. The happy noises ease my heart, for it shows that not all of this world is evil. If only my own people could see how delicate life is and that we should live it happily and not with war and destruction. I look up into the night sky, the stars shine so bright, the moon smiles at this camp. For this people, even though they may not see it, are blessed by the Star Being. I wish that I could have seen Astrum one last time before my battle. I pray that if I fall, that Astrum may find peace in all his grief. This may be my last night on this earth, and if it is, I pray that the Star Being may guide my friends through all their missions and destroy this evil. I do not fear death, the more I think of such evil that lurks in this world of ours. I long for the release of death. I wish to go home, into the Heavenly Company and finally be away from this world, but I can not wish this, for my place is here, my duty that the Star Being gave me is to see that this world may finally see good and love. A world where my people may live without fear of death. My friends need me, and I will not let them down, I will lay my life down so that they may live. Aseluath viaonna avelfera azacal baelan ( May the Star Being send his blessings upon us.)

Adventure Log Post # 2

The life of a fighter within the Knights Protectar can be a challenging job. Being the leader of this party is wary on my soul. In the name of the Star Being, we set out to find the second part of the… the… nevermind. In our exploration of this tomb, we found a secret door that lead to a grave of some creature. Despite my objections, the rest of the party went on and destroyed this grave. Knowing that various traps exist in this place, I proceeded to try and disarm all the traps. I was able to move two statues and have them form a bridge across a pool of silver and gold coins. I then asked our ranger to walk across the statue to the other side to look in the sarcophagus. She instead slipped and her foot fell into the pool setting off a trap that made the three statues shoot fire out of their hands. I then climbed up and studied the sarcophagus only to find that nothing related to our mission was here. Our party then raided this tomb and stole everything that had value. I, of course, being a Knights Protectar hated this idea and protested, but it was folly. We then decieded to go back to the caravan camp and rested for the night, and I also had a wonderfully made goat, at least I think it was goat. The next day, we set out again to the tomb, knowing that our only path was to defeat the dragon. May the Star Being bless our battle and if we die in battle, may we be delivered into his Heavenly Company. This may be my last log.

Welcome Young Adventurers!
this is our adventure log

Sawrenacio Neltaress Speaking here…I seem to remember that last time we dared venture, we found ourselves in the company of the Smaller Beings known as the K’zyn. As our caravan stopped, we decided to rest before venturing into the cave. Once we climbed the high steps leading to the entrance, I believe there were a number of Nobyshen warriors in the opening of the cave. Thankfully, they were easily dispatched of. Afterwards, Sergin ran headlong into the giant stone door that clearly opened inward, but to no avail. But, seeing as the door was not locked nor bolted, I simply opened it allowing us to walk through with no more than someone’s nose bleeding. We then proceeded to charge down a hallway past a sleeping dragon…which miraculously did not awake…Sergin then decided to sneak away from the beast but probably was even louder than when running.
The next room we entered had a floor that levitated and changed. However, due to my levitation spell, Sergin was successfully able to get to the other side to land on a magic circle in which a bull said to him, “Oh me, oh my, I thought I would die, if i could remember which one is right.” Right before this, he floated to a platform in the eastern corner of the room to pick up a magical box. Now we are within this room, seeming to be stuck. But thankfully with a new wand, I was able to find a secret door, which Sergin is now standing next to…Now, onward to Glory. I nominate Sergin to pick up the log…

On the subject of our latest travels-Sawrenacio Neltaress

The days grow warmer on the desert sands and so too do they grow on the field of battle. Our travels as of yet become more and more fraught with peril and insincerity. No longer do we have a heart for our mission and i tell you, an army outnumbered 10 to 1 could still win if it has the heart and drive to succeed. With the princeling or whatever he was gone, we no longer have true connection with the quest. Not to mention the fact that we are not in for a welcome back at the city of high tower any time soon. Humans are a fascinating race, and I truly do admire them and look up to some of their accomplishments, but I have noticed that they are in general aggressive and quick to judge. If we come back all perfectly well and Sergin is dead I am unsure that we will be welcomed back with open arms. We do, however, face a conundrum. If we were to cease our quest, the goblins may very well convert the land into desert, causing the deaths of many. I believe that we must find and destroy every trace of the next shesh noshyn piece we find. After this, I do not believe we can follow this task with our whole hearts and therefor must resign from this quest. Our two most logical objectives at the moment: Destroy the wizard, and destroy the next piece of the shesh noshyn. Then we will be faced with a dilemma but until then we must keep our minds clear and focused on the task at hand, oh, and we need to find an additional companion.


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