May Your Victories be Many
and Your Downfalls Few

DrukMal Odo Dru Aka

The world is a dark place, so say the dwarves down below. But even realms which are on the surface of the world can seem dark at times. And at times such as these heroes are needed to push back the evil and restore peace to the lands once more. A wind blows off the Sharp Flats and ruffles the banners of the Shield Barons upon the Ingus Plateau. Wind carrying danger and promise. Despite the treacheries and intrigues among the Barons, where words are almost more dangerous than swords, there may be a call to band together. The Shield Lands may not be as safe from outside threat as they once were. The barbarian tribes and heathens of the Sharp Flats may have uncovered something that should have stayed buried…

Wind Off the Sharp Flats

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